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Miami Cyber Crimes and Miami Sex Crimes Attorney

Criminal Defense and Trial Law Firm in Miami

Computers now take center stage as a crime scene for the new millennium. However, few possess sufficient exposure and training in computer forensics to equitably investigate or prosecute cyber crime. There is an almost frenetic rush to judgment by law enforcement lacking understanding of the science. Further, attempts at entrapment-type stings work to undermine your rights and the basis of criminal justice system. However, few possess sufficient exposure and training in computer forensics to equitably investigate or defend cyber crime.

If you have been unjustly arrested for a cyber crime or internet crime, then a Miami cyber crimes attorney and a former Miami Dade Cyber Crime Prosecutor, knowledgeable in computer forensics and its relationship with Florida state and federal law is your best defense against a system that prefers to convict than to admit a mistake.

Seltzer Law, PA understands the legal intricacies of cyber crimes' investigation and prosecution. As a former Miami Dade County Cyber Crime Prosecutor, David Seltzer's training and experience has given him insight into how computer technology relates to developing cyber law. We are exceptionally knowledgeable in the area of cyber crime criminal defense. Seltzer Law, PA received Super Lawyers' Rising Star recognition in 2010 and has an Excellent Avvo rating based on input from other attorneys, consumers and legal experts. David Stuart Seltzer teaches Demystifying Cyber Crime at Florida Judicial College conferences to assist others' understanding of cyber crime and the law. When you choose Seltzer Law, you choose capable and aggressive adversaries who fight on your behalf.

Charged and arrested for a cyber crime can be a difficult time, not only for the accused, but for his or her family as well. Our firm will go the distance, as long as it takes, to assist you to a win when you have become entangled in a cyber crime matter. Whether accused of offenses as diverse as illegal computer pornography, black hat hacking, solicitation of a minor or transmission of material harmful to a minor, our firm will assist you through to the best possible outcome.

Miami Sex Crimes Defense Professionals

Seltzer Law, PA offers you the assistance of professionals who represent those charged with the most serious sex crime felony, as well as those facing their first misdemeanor. Confronting this most unpleasant of life circumstances - implication in a sexual offense - you have likely experienced humiliation, threat of loss or loss of employment, painful, even hostile reactions from friends and family and arrest. If convicted in Florida you may be imprisoned and labeled as a sex offender your entire life.

Our advice is to seek immediate legal representation for the assistance and support of a former Miami Cyber Crime Prosecutor, turned Miami sex crimes defense attorney who has represented good people like you in tough situations similar to yours. Whether you are under investigation or have been charged with sexual assault, sexual battery, rape or statutory rape, we remain sensitive to your vulnerability while providing the strongest possible criminal defense. When you face federal sex crimes charges, such as possession of child pornography, serious accusations of human trafficking or an instance of aggravated sexual assault, , it is crucial to retain the most experienced and strongest defense counsel .

Our firm provides excellent representation at every stage of the criminal justice process from investigation to exhaustive research, at trial as well as on appeal. Many of these crimes are filed in federal court, and severe penalties could be imposed in a conviction, including lifetime sex offender registration.

Since a sex crime carries stigma, and blemishes to reputation and honor difficult to clear even if charges are dropped, it is vital to retain a competent attorney as soon as you suspect you are under investigation or have been arrested.

We are always available to clients 24/7. All clients have our personal cell number. It's not about the case, but about individual life and liberty. Whether you are charged with a misdemeanor, such as public urination, indecent exposure, prostitution or a spontaneous act of streaking, or are accused of a more serious crime as such as rape or sexual battery, we know the freedom to carry on with your life is of utmost importance. We take our responsibility to you very seriously and are available to you and your family when you need us.

Contact a Miami cyber crimes attorney or a contact a Miami sex crimes attorney at our firm for a free consultation about your case today! Our dedication to our clients and our passion to defend your rights means rigorous representation and support, not only locally in Miami, but Nationwide.

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