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Miami Human Trafficking Attorney

Human Trafficking Information

Human trafficking is considered a modern day form of slavery. It is the illegal sale or trade of victims for the use of sexual activities (often forced). You can find yourself facing human trafficking charges for a number of reasons, if they somehow contributed to the sale or trade of a human being. Additionally, because much human trafficking involves transporting individuals across state lines or out of the country altogether, human trafficking is usually charged as a federal sex crime, which means that federal prosecutors will be using their nearly unlimited resources to build a rock solid case against you. If you are facing charges for involvement with human trafficking, you need an experience and established attorney who will aggressively come to your defense and do their best to prove your innocence. Contact a Miami sex crimes attorney from our firm today.

Charges for human trafficking can be brought up if it is believed you transported, harbored, solicited, or recruited a victim, know that they would be going into sexual servitude as a result. Additionally, if you have gained financial profit from the transaction, you can also be found charged with human trafficking. Human trafficking charges are often brought up in conjunction with other charges, such as fraud, forgery, coercion or conspiracy, and the punishments you will be facing if convicted can be enhanced.

Human Trafficking Lawyer in Miami

If charged with human trafficking, you need the help of an experiencedsex crimes defense attorney and former Miami Cyber Crimes Prosecutor fromSeltzer Mayberg, LLC. We have years of experience helping our clients fight back against their sex crimes charges, and we are ready to help you, too. If convicted of human trafficking, you can be facing 15-30 years in prison; you need to find the best legal defense available if you want the best chance possible for beating these charges.

If you have been charged with human trafficking, contact a Miami human trafficking lawyer from our firm as soon as possible to get started on your defense.

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